Treatment with heated candles

Many people believe that heated candle treatment can cause pain, but practitioners say just the opposite, heated candle treatment is extremely enjoyable.

The sails used are heated until they are in a liquid state, and as soon as they are watered on the body, sliding movements and compressions are performed, which aid in the absorption of the product and in the relaxation of the body. The treatment consists of candles produced with a special type of melted vegetable wax and essential oils of various aromas.

The sensation of a warm melted candle trickling down the body is quite pleasant and relaxing, which makes the practice very sensual for those who like different things. Heated candle therapy can relieve stress and poor sleep.

The sensation of physical comfort, soothing stress, tiredness and pain are achieved through the pleasant aroma, the temperature and the slight pressure of the movements on the body. It is important to note that treatment should be done by an experienced professional who follows all the norms inherent to the procedure.

Tantric Massage for couples

Did you know that it is absolutely possible to have a more pleasurable sex life with your partner without leaving your health at risk?

It is a mistake to think that it is only possible to receive massages alone, with tantric massage for couples it is possible to learn how to do and receive massage, in addition to acquiring more intimacy with your partner, since the concept of this practice is that during the session the person who is receiving the massage should explain their sensations and indicate which movements bring them the sensation of pleasure and well-being.

During tantric massage for couples the person who is applying should totally relax their hands in order to make gentle movements in their partner, always seeking the release of the tensions acquired in the day to day.

Nowadays stress is one of the main causes of headaches and other worrying diseases. The main concept of tantric massage is that pleasure is in the body, and we only achieve it when we totally allow ourselves.

There are currently specialized places that give all the support to couples who wish to learn about sensual tantric massage and spice up their relationship.

Nuru massage

This sensual practice comes from the 7th largest city in Japan, the city of Kawasaki, where there were the first reports about the Nuru massage.

The Nuru massage consists of the contact between two or more bodies naked and covered with a kelp lotion that serves as a lubricant. Unlike other traditional techniques the nuru massage should be performed with the body of the applicator and not with the hands, which makes the technique very sensual.

First the massage therapist must dump the lubricating lotion on her body and on the body of the patient who is receiving the massage, usually the masseur begins using her feet, making continuous and continuous movements, and soon after, she begins to use her whole body to massage

Because it has a certain sexual connotation, this massage has been increasingly sought after by couples wishing to spice up relationships, or by people wishing to relax after a stressful day, as Nuru is considered ideal for those who have done a long work day and want to relax.

Quick Massage

With the advancement of the years, the time of human beings became shorter and shorter, with which leisure, health and physical activities had to adapt to lack of time.

The Quick Massage or express massage means a very quick massage, it is the kind of massage that is performed by a qualified professional and who has knowledge of human anatomy and kinesiology and who can make the movements efficiently and quickly. The therapist works areas such as neck, spine and limbs while the client remains fully clothed, countering traditional practices that require a naked body and hand sliding vehicles like creams and natural oils. The touches applied to Quick Massage are considered firmer due to the lack of a vehicle that will slide the hands of the applicator.

This practice is considered ideal for lovers of massage therapy who do not have much time to perform a traditional massage.

The Quick Massage is able to help in relaxing the muscles, stimulates the circulatory system giving a sensation of relief and well-being to those who receive the massage, there are reports that the massage is able to even improve productivity at work.