Massage with love

Thinking about practicing massage together with that special person? See what are the main benefits of good practice.

Love is made of complicity, compassion and integration and the massages end up uniting all those good things that exist in love and add to the feeling of health and well-being.

But what are the benefits of massages for couples?

Well, there are several reasons to practice regular couple massage, the main ones are:

  • The integration between the couple:
    Massages make us more connected to our partners, bringing greater connection and complicity between man and woman.
  • The health benefits:
    Practicing therapeutic or relaxing massage regularly is synonymous with disease prevention, doing along with the person you love gets even better
  • Rehabilitation of the sexual appetite:
    Your wedding is a bit monotonous and you’re looking to make things sexier, check out a relaxing massage session and do the massage yourself, sure your partner will be happy to know that you care about your relationship.

As we can see, practicing couple massage can be a great option for those who are thinking of getting out of the rut and look for pleasurable novelties that are capable of providing health benefits.

Make a brief reflection, what was the last time you said I love you to the loved one? Tell us in the comments below.

Before, check out the video of Sexologist Paula Fernanda below:


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