Nuru massage

This sensual practice comes from the 7th largest city in Japan, the city of Kawasaki, where there were the first reports about the Nuru massage.

The Nuru massage consists of the contact between two or more bodies naked and covered with a kelp lotion that serves as a lubricant. Unlike other traditional techniques the nuru massage should be performed with the body of the applicator and not with the hands, which makes the technique very sensual.

First the massage therapist must dump the lubricating lotion on her body and on the body of the patient who is receiving the massage, usually the masseur begins using her feet, making continuous and continuous movements, and soon after, she begins to use her whole body to massage

Because it has a certain sexual connotation, this massage has been increasingly sought after by couples wishing to spice up relationships, or by people wishing to relax after a stressful day, as Nuru is considered ideal for those who have done a long work day and want to relax.

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