Treatment with heated candles

Many people believe that heated candle treatment can cause pain, but practitioners say just the opposite, heated candle treatment is extremely enjoyable.

The sails used are heated until they are in a liquid state, and as soon as they are watered on the body, sliding movements and compressions are performed, which aid in the absorption of the product and in the relaxation of the body. The treatment consists of candles produced with a special type of melted vegetable wax and essential oils of various aromas.

The sensation of a warm melted candle trickling down the body is quite pleasant and relaxing, which makes the practice very sensual for those who like different things. Heated candle therapy can relieve stress and poor sleep.

The sensation of physical comfort, soothing stress, tiredness and pain are achieved through the pleasant aroma, the temperature and the slight pressure of the movements on the body. It is important to note that treatment should be done by an experienced professional who follows all the norms inherent to the procedure.

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